Amazing Flavor Shots by The Liquids Lab!

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Think e-liquids offer 12 favorite recipes that will fascinate, surprise, and will suit all types of vapers!

Our signature Space collection contains vape flavors that are highly concentrated and are not intended for direct vaping. They must be diluted to achieve a pleasurable vaping experience.

The Liquids Lab creates premium e-liquids that will change what you think about vaping. We want to make a difference so is our priority to provide our customers with the safest and highest quality products made from the best ingredients. Our products have been extensively tested in a long-term analysis by the strictest international standards.


Premium Quality

100% PG

Kind: Aromatic

Nicotine Level: 00

Childproof Cap

Flavors:  Again | Beautiful | Big | Bright | Free | Loud | Pink | Positive | Right | Simple | Smart | Twice