We in The Liquids Lab create e-liquids of premium high quality ingredients in our own labs and the clean room, according to the wishes of our customers. Our nicotine is 99.9% pure, pharmaceutical grade.
Bottles are certified, made of biodegradable plastics and glass used in pharmaceutical industry, to preserve the quality of the product.

OEM – Adjustable options for you

We will create your e-liquids according to your recipes and keep your recipes secret. We can specially design labels and bottle packaging to best suit your brand and marketing plans.
We can help you in following ways:


You have been in the business for a while, you wish to transfer the production of your e-liquids to us, or create some new flavors to win over your customers and launch a product to the market under your personal brand. We can keep your existing recipes or create completely new flavors for you. You can choose us with complete confidence; we will do everything to make your e-liquid truly unique.


You are starting in this business. Welcome to one of the newest and fastest growing industries of today! We will help you as a partner in customizing flavors and promotion, which will help your company stand out in the marketplace.

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